Different types of mulch and what is best for your garden

There are a number of different opinions about using mulch in the garden, but in all honesty it comes down to your personal preference and the type of plants, soil, and moisture you have in your garden.  For those who have more tender perennials, or perennials that are more rare, typically it is best to only use a well composted manure mix as a light topdressing.  The composting allows the dangerous ammonia to dissipate from the manure, A light topcoat allows the material to add nitrogen to the soil and aerated the soil once it is integrated.

For gardens with more hardy plant material such as Calalmagrostis grass and catmint, a layer of wood chip mulch that is 2” or less will help prevent weeds, limit the amount of necessary watering, and allow for a more porous soil once it breaks down.

With the great variety of mulches on the market, there are a number of textures and colors you can use.  The following are some types of mulch that are available in the local area.  Keep in mind, the more bright the material the less likely you are to see the plants, and the more likely it is that the mulch will become the main focus of the garden.