Our Services

At Pleasant View Gardens we design all spaces. From small areas of a yard to entire properties, and from residential to commercial sites. We can create an area to best fit your style, needs, and budget.
Once a design has been created, and approved the installation can commence. By removing some or all of the existing landscaping and enhancing soils we are able to transform dull, lifeless areas.
Keeping your space clean and organized helps keep the lasting effect of the initial design, as well as assists with plant health. We work with designs we have custom created, as well as designs from other groups.
At Pleasant View Gardens we provide organic practices and offer sustainable gardening techniques. We use a variety of organic products that ensure safety while maintaining the heath of your gardens.
What better way to accent your home or office than with flowers and foliage. Beautiful color, unique containers and tasteful displays that fit a space are essential in great garden design and can add character to any property.

Our Recent Posts

Understanding and Caring for Apple Trees

As home gardening becomes more popular, small fruit trees are also gaining popularity.  Apples are wonderful first trees to start in your yard-so this blog post focus will be on tips and information to help you understand and care for your trees. PLANTING - When...

Pollinators & The Plants They Love

Pollinators are essential to the food we eat, and the flowers we love.  Without them, we wouldn't have coffee, apples, chocolate, grapes, tomatoes, and the list goes on and on!  So how do pollinators go about this daily task?  Watch this short video clip to see...