As the leaves have taken on a more orange and yellow hue, and as the sumac and goldenrod assume their peak flower color, it reminds us that fall is not far away! Fall in the garden can be a fabulous time of year with a little planning. While some are lamenting the loss of summer annuals to cool night temps, others of us are anxiously awaiting the ‘grand finale’ of the gardening season. The golds of grasses, the reds of dogwood, the purples of asters in bloom, and the silvers of foliage in full glory can make a bold, beautiful statement.

When planning a garden it is always good to take into consideration the color and form of each plant through each season. This is something to consider when you’re laying out or having your garden designed, is that it’s a great idea to add these splashes of fall color throughout the widths and depths of your gardens. What may look like just green foliage during summer season may, in reality, be a plant waiting to shine in the fall season.